The Predator carpet and upholstery cleaning extractor

The Predator carpet and upholstery cleaning extractor

Predator: Features and benefits

The Predator has a combination of unique features that make it easier to operate, clean, maintain and service. These features eliminate several problems that occur with conventional extraction machines such as our previous range.

Upgradeable: Purchase at entry level and upgrade to higher performance at a later stage.


Predator: Technical Specs

Tank material                          Roto moulded polyethylene      

Solution tank capacity            40 litres (10.5 US gal)
Solution pump                        60 psi or 100 psi.
Vacuum tank capacity            40 litres (10.5 US gal)
Vacuum motor options          1x 3 stage 1400w
                                                 2x 2 stage 2400w
                                                 2 x 3 stage
Cable 3 core                            8m ( 26′)
Dimensions                             Height = 750mm (29 1/2″)
                                                 Width = 530mm (21″)
                                                 Length = 750mm (29 1/2″)
Dimensions in carton              Height = 760mm (30″)
                                                 Width = 550mm(21 1/2″)
                                                 Length = 820mm (32″)
Model options                         S3-60, (single 3 stage 60 psi)
                                                 D2-60, (double 2 stage 60 psi)
                                                 D3-60, (double 3 stage 60 psi)
                                                 D3-100, (double 3 stage 100)
Optional extra,   By-pass variable flow with pressure control



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